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Valve in a Nutshell

How many crates do I have in Team Fortress 2? 50? Okay that's cool.

Oh yeah, really funny (to me and people who play Valve games) and your animation is smooth and the art is great. So nice work!

It makes absolutly no sense

And yet it makes complete sense. And by saying that also doesn't make any sense. But it's the fact that none of your animations make sense that makes them so funny for whatever reason. Also the fantastic voice acting. Another marvelously hideous creation that you have unleashed, it's a good thing.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

ha ha thanks v much!

Fantastic Voice Acting Tallent

There is not a single sound effect in this that was nod made by someone talking. All of the voice actors who helped made this were all very talented. It also gives all of those artists a chance to test out their flash skills, which I think that they all looked great. Crazy Dave is a fantastic and funny character that came out of all this. Congratulations guys!! And I too hope that you get a spot on the front page for this.

All Right, but Needs Improvement

You have a bright future in flash I can tell you that.
First, the preloader doesn't load all the way (the red bar doesn't go all the way to the right) but it still loads. You should fix that. Next add some music and voices. It had a nice little story, but it needed sound. the only sound in the entire thing was the gunshot. You have a promising future, but you need some improvement.

megaener responds:


Hey, ha! That's pretty funny.

Very nice animation. It would be great for a commercial. Plus the catchphrase that you used to describe the Doritos was really creative. Hell, it looks like something I would see on TV. Great job.

Smooth, clean, simple flash

Nice simple, smooth animation. I loved the audio you put in it. I like the character designs used and it had a very cute ending. Great job.

A Yes...^_^

I know how infuriating side quests can be. There's still some strange side quest in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for the Game Boy that I'm still having trouble with. AND I'VE HAD THAT GAME FOR 15 YEARS!!(or so) Great job on these Press Start Adventures BTW.

The Door Can Really Do all that?


That made me laugh. Along with "So your like a total downer, right?" And I usually don't laugh at these videos. I really only laugh because of how random and stupid they are. Ahh, only on Newgrounds.

And DemonYoshi down there vv (arrows there)
The shrimp rap thing was probablly based of the Pokemon rap. Right?


I loved that line and the way you said it.

This looks AMAZING!! It really shows what you can do with stop-action. The cut outs look really nice and the animation is smooth and looks beautiful. I like the different angles you put the guy at and the sound effects and music you also used. I'll totally vote for you and help you guys out. Wonderful Job. *High Fives*

I liked it like pie

It's a good remix and I like your voice over. Simple but good animation. I was hoping for more pies though.

My name is like a rising knee to the face!!! I don't have a flash maker, but I want one. In my free time I would make some awesome flashes. I can draw.

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