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Lots of Internet Memes things
I see that you like Kirb with a little poster in the background
Really nice animation
Would have been better with voice overs though. Still good BTW.

Pretty Cool, Pretty Cool

It was an alright flash. Some of the flashes were better than others, and some of them I just didn't like (not gonna say which). My favorite was the notebook skateboarding drawing animation. NOW THAT WAS AMAZING!!! It blew my mind. Nice.

Pretty nice stop action

Stop action is simple, but it can take a very long time. It looks very nice. And hey it got you second place. Good job, and nice little bit of flash with the lazers. And is it just me, or do I think that R.O.B. and WALL-E look a lot a like?

I knew every single flash on there!! Is that good?

Or bad?

Anyway, yeah. That is seriously everything on newgrounds. Every little joke, meme, flash-ish thing. Nice. You deserve a 10!

I've watched it over and over again

This is a really great flash. Congrats on the front page and first place and stuff. I loved that song from Avenue Q, and making Marth sing it to Roy, BRILLIANT!! I loved the different styles of anime that you made. It looks great. I don't really notice the improvement in you art too much. No offense, but hey, you said it.

Also, with the whole Link and Shiek thing: Zelda, who is a girl, is Shiek. But in Ocarina of Time, they do call Shiek "he" so I know where you are coming from. I personally would have just used Ganondorf or another male character, but that's just me. Congrats again!!

Nami-Tsuki responds:

Lol yeah I was considering Ganny but SnakexDedede had to be super silly.

I think I just like how I drew them more recently than how I used to. So I consider it improvement.

Not for the story line, but for the other Parts

Pretty Decent Flash. The storyline and script was T~T meh, but you made up for that in the other strong parts in the movie. Very Nice animation and fluent speech and audio. The sound effects were fantastic and very well put into place. You put a lot of enthusiasm into the voices of the characters, and I'm sure that you had fun with them. The jokes were a little humorous and made me chuckle a little, but not LOL funny.

Congrats on being in the daily 3rd. And when Batman grabbed onto the ledge, did anyone else think "EDGE HOG!!" like in Super Smash Brothers?


I know that I can't do any better, and your voice is a little funny. It wasn't too bad, but is wasn't anything new or original. The animation was just all over the place. And no offense, but when you made this, were you aiming to be place on the front page?

Great Look, Great Feel, Great Series

Ever since I found out about There She Is!! I have been hooked on your series. Step 4 and Step 5 (Final Step) are my two favorite in the series. I love how you use black and white throughout this movie, and how the few other colors contrast. The transitions makes it feel like a comic book almost. It's dark, but that's what I love about it. Whatever the future may bring to you, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

That's Even Better!!!

Congrats everyone on another awesome collab!!! ^_^

Here's my opinion:
Menus - I first wondered what it was, then I relized it was the NES
Mario Party 287 - Fast funny stuff.
Excitebike Wipeout - He ate shit!! Might have been better if he said, "THIS IS SO EXCITUNG!!!"
Low Low Low - "No he's not" Short, quick, and funny line.
Olimar Forgot - Didn't think it was that funny, but I loved the animation.
Revenge of Metanight - Kirby should always have that voice in the games. Funny stuff. It was one of my favs of the collab.
Duckbill Hunting - Those ducks where pissed. Great emotion as well.
Starfox Perventures/Pokemon Snap XXX - I was thinking the same thing in that part of Star Fox Adventures. "Fox is such a pervert." And Peppy's voice was great. I love LOLing Pokemon porn fan art. And when the guy was like "Du du duh duh duh du du duh" to the PIkachu.
Majesty of ROB - LOL Ahh, I reamember how frustrating R.O.B. was. And I love how the guy said, "AWESOME!!!" and how he looked at the time.
Campfire of the Four Swords - I love the emotion of the Links
Kongcest - "That's even better!" was the best line in this whole collab.
...Wario's Emporium... - I love the way you characterized Wario in this.
Planet of the Kongs - Funny voice acting. If I understood it, I would have enjoyed it even more.
Cook - I love how Mr. G&M was like, "Wait, WAIT!!! Hold on!! What's going on? How did that happen!? Who put this here!? Oh shit!!" And the guy at the end. Plus I like the voice of the chef.
Master Hand Throws a Fist - Cute joke. But I expected a "DeDeDee's high tier attack!!!" joke.
Pokemon Snap XXX cont. - Why is it that i feel a little aroused by watching this?...ANYWAY!!! I love the guy at the end with the whole, "WHERE'S THE FUCKING PAUSE BUTTON!?!?" HA!!
Fire Emblem - The interupting, "WANNA HELP SAVE MY GIRLFRIEND?!" was funny.
Revenge of Metanight cont. - Funny still, if not funnier. I like Kirby's "yays"
at the end.
Starfox Drama Mission - I got the whole Falco reacting to him having to use a Landmaster in Brawl. I also like how you used a British-ish voice for Krystal, because she did sound British in Assault.
Pokemon 5th Generation - They're gonna run out of ideas. Funny skit.
Tetris - LOL - The 8 bit SFX was good
Final Battle - Metal Gear. METAL GEAR!!! And was that a remix of the Brawl remix at the end?

Once again, GREAT JOBS EVERYONE!!! Especially you Kirbopher, I love your work.
And thanks for Pikanjo for saying all the names of the clips.

Wow, I wrote a lot. Eh, I got bored. Congrats guys!! I hope you make front page. And congradulations on first place. ^_^
(Now why am I still aroused by the Pokemon XXX? And why am I watching it over and over again?)

Cute, very cute.

This is a cute little animation that I found while scrolling through some of the work on NG. I loved it, great gob!! And I hope that your teacher liked it as well.

My name is like a rising knee to the face!!! I don't have a flash maker, but I want one. In my free time I would make some awesome flashes. I can draw.

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