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Valve in a Nutshell

How many crates do I have in Team Fortress 2? 50? Okay that's cool.

Oh yeah, really funny (to me and people who play Valve games) and your animation is smooth and the art is great. So nice work!

It makes absolutly no sense

And yet it makes complete sense. And by saying that also doesn't make any sense. But it's the fact that none of your animations make sense that makes them so funny for whatever reason. Also the fantastic voice acting. Another marvelously hideous creation that you have unleashed, it's a good thing.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

ha ha thanks v much!

Fantastic Voice Acting Tallent

There is not a single sound effect in this that was nod made by someone talking. All of the voice actors who helped made this were all very talented. It also gives all of those artists a chance to test out their flash skills, which I think that they all looked great. Crazy Dave is a fantastic and funny character that came out of all this. Congratulations guys!! And I too hope that you get a spot on the front page for this.

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A game the flows with the rythem, literally

Amazing how all the effects and objects and what not move to the music's rhythm. Very unique game and I love it. I like the pixel art and text bubbles. Feels very old school game-ish. Wonderful job. I like the game.

'Sup Haters?

Great Concept, but still needs work

Very nice concept of the game based of your animations, but there is still need of improvement. I often die from nothing, that is a major glitch you should work on. Also, the buttons for flips and wall jumps (J and K) are not the best choice. They are in a spot on my key board that doesn't feel entirely comfortable. That often messes me up with where the keys are. It's a great game, it just needs some improvement.

Finally, I can talk with my computer!!

And when the Computer ambassadors come from Binnaria, I will be able to communicate with them so they won't blow up Earth. Thanks for not letting the Earth blow up by making this game. :D

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8-Bit Techno

At first I was like, "This sort of dark and eerie song doesn't really fit Box Clever." Then I heard the transition and it became this very awesome up-beat techno, 8-bit like song and was like "WHOA!" Now THAT fits the game! Nice work.

Kingbastard responds:

I didn't realised this had been used in a game:P Thanks for the review.

Pretty Good

I like the change in tempo and pitches and the over all style change. Also, the electric jazz feel that I was getting from it was good too.

My name is like a rising knee to the face!!! I don't have a flash maker, but I want one. In my free time I would make some awesome flashes. I can draw.

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