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My name is like a rising knee to the face!!! I don't have a flash maker, but I want one. In my free time I would make some awesome flashes. I can draw.

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Posted by BladeHero - September 22nd, 2009

As a shameless self advertisement, I am "giving away" 5 free sketches on my DeviantART Page. Come check it out!! I'm pretty good at drawing and I love to do it. Plus, some extra buds on DA would never hurt.

Come check out my page for more details!! ^_^


Posted by BladeHero - May 26th, 2009

First the mouse asks for a cookie, and you give it to him all like, "Whatever, this mouse deserves a cookie." Then, the mouse will ask for a glass of milk. "Okay. I want milk when I have cookies." Then he's going to want a napkin to wipe his mouth, a bed to sleep in that night, a TV to watch, and the next thing you you know, you have an extra roommate. He'll be wearing your clothes, playing your video games, eating your food, sleeping with your wife/girlfriend, and laying around your house all day being a dead beat. And I don't think that you would want that to happen, would you now? So the next time a mouse asks you for a cookie, tell him to go find his cookie, 'cuz those my cookies. And nobody...touches... mah...COOKAYS!!!

Posted by BladeHero - May 12th, 2009

Kindergarten: Nap time, story time, play with blocks, juice and animal crackers. Boy do I miss those days.
1st Grade:Learn the alphabet and simple math as well as learning how to read and write. You need those skillz man!
2nd Grade:More advanced reading and writing. Multiplication and division. Slightly harder, but you still need to learn these. Coloring time still exists though.
3rd Grade: You learn to write in cursive and how to read it. Even more advance math, but still skills that you can put into practical use. You also learn a new word to dread: Tests.
4th Grade: History, Science, Harry Potter, more math. You starting to get mad at homework preventing you from going outside.
5th Grade: Last year of recess, jungle gyms, and actually not minding school that much.
6th Grade: You are still a child and does not know the term, "Sleeping In." You learn that you no longer get to choose what to read and after every chapter, you have to write a five paragraph esay about "Why Jimmy decided to run away from home." Tests get harder and the math starts to get pointless. When will I need to know that X is equal to Y when Z is greater than or less than 7?
7th grade: Math starts to make sense again. Areas, volumes, this stuff you can actually use. Plus you get to learn a new language. "Buenos dias mi nuevo amigo." However, you start to realized that waking up at 6:45 each morning isn't that great.
8th Grade: Just when you learn that sleep is a good thing, you can't have it. Oh how you miss those Elementary school days of rolling out of bed at 8:30. Or even 7 to play an hour of video games or watch some TV. Math makes no sense again. And you wonder why you need to know that a man died at this hour, of this day, of this month, of this year, in this place?
9th Grade: Oh boy, High School. More than that, you're a Freshman. Watch where you step, alright? Waking up at 6 AM is not a very pleasant feeling. Especially when you have to go to a place where adults try to force "values" down your throat, give you a detention every time you close your eyes for more than two seconds, and try to make a citizen out of you. Math makes sense again with Geometry. It's harder, but at least it makes sense.
10th Grade: The Grade that I am currently in. My teachers always think that I'm up to something. I try to do good, but I always get shot down by them with some stupid thing that they say that I did. I realize that I'm powerless. They can say that I said "FUCK YOU" right up to their face, I and won't be able to defend myself. And they never realize that four hours of homework is not the average amount. I have had three girlfriends this school year. They all seemed nice and cute, but you could not believe how shallow they actually were. I'm done with school. I only get out of bed in the morning to see my friends, and for the fact that I need a good recommendation for college. I'm taking Algebra II with a teacher who has the form of autism that makes you a genius at math. He thinks that he is explaining how to do an equation, but nobody understands him. He also believes that the girls are never up to anything. They always talk, and we are the ones who are yelled at. One of my classmates got sent to the office more times than I can count this year because of that. He almost made all of us pay $3 for a textbook that one kid lost. I sure as hell wasn't going to pay. The "security" personal in our school doesn't believe in fun. We can't play games at lunch (WE WERE PLAYING FUCKIN' UNO!!!). My friend once got up and did a little victory dance at lunch for winning rock, paper, scissors, some old lady teacher who has lunch duty got up and said stop it to him. We all started laughing and she gave us all detentions for it. We tried to defend ourselves, but she got the vice-principle to give us all detentions (he's having an affair with another one of the teachers).

Yeah, School sucks and we all know it.

Posted by BladeHero - March 3rd, 2009

To capture videos like this:

/* */
And LOL, I was twelve when I recorded it.

My name on YouTube is masterofblake. Don't ask why.

Posted by BladeHero - January 3rd, 2009

Hey guys!!! My name is BladeHero, but you can just call me Blake. (Blake, Blade, GET IT!? Yeh me nether) I'm not new to NG, but I just made an account fot the first time. YAY FOR ME!!! ^_^


Anyway, I have some good ideas for a flash, but I need a flash maker. If anyone knows of a good one (and sees my pge for whatever reason) shoot me a message telling me about it. I'd love to make some in my free time. :P